Hey! 👋 I'm Jake.

I write about Software Development, the Creative Pursuit, and maintaining an Athletic and Healthy lifestyle as a knowledge worker.

Jake Wiesler

Succeeding as a digital creative means dedicating many hours a day to honing your craft. Writers, programmers, designers, video editors, etc. Those who can spend the most time in their flow state will see the effects of their consistency over time. This is what Cal Newport refers to as Deep Work.

Unfortunately for us, our craft happens at a desk.

This is the dichotomy of the modern desk worker. How do you pursue your creative goals while maintaining an active lifestyle? And if you're like me, how do you excel in both?

I grew up an Athlete, but now I spend most of my days at a computer writing code. It's pure creation, and I love it. But it's the antithesis of active. It is sedentary. And it goes against my personality.

On this website I document the lessons and knowledge I aquire in both arenas. My writing spans topics like software, design, science, productivity, physical training, nutrition and wellness.

You can also find me on Twitter.