Mid-Year Update: 2020

It's been a while since I've posted on here.

This blog was something I started when I first began teaching myself how to code. It's helped a lot of other people along the way. It even seems to catch the eye of other developers who want to model their blog after mine, stylistically speaking (is that a word).

I've been working full time as a software developer for a little over 5 years now and the landscape has changed dramatically in that time. It used to excite me, watching all the new technology poor in from one prolific developer after another. And in some ways it still does, but I am less inclined to write about it these days.

Why that is? I don't seem to have an answer for that question. It could be that I've been in a creative slump. Or it could just be that I've found more interesting things to do with my time. Which I have. But I'm not saying that writing "how-to" articles on JavaScript isn't interesting. It's just not as interesting, and I've only got so much time on this rock before I disappear into the ether.

But creativity seems to have wrapped its hands around me again, for I am working on a number of things and find myself wanting to write about them. One of those things is my increasing obsession with human movement.

I have always been an active person, but since my life transitioned from athlete to desk worker I've lost a step. This has led me to spend the last few years exploring how to optimize the human body based on scientific principles. What I have learned, and continue to learn, is that movement is the language of the body. And your body wants to talk. It needs to talk. A lot.

I have transitioned away from traditional exercise methods and have adopted this "movement" practice as my physical training. The learning process has been strikingly similar to learning how to code. At first I started writing about the process on a separate blog, simplemachine.

This transitioned into a full blown YouTube channel, a new project of mine that I'm really excited about. A project that has led to a number of other awesome tricks like video editing, color correcting, audio etc. I built a PC for all of this! A lot has been going on.

Anyway, this whole thing is getting too long and I promised myself I'd only take 30 minutes to right this damned thing. So, wrapping up:

  • This blog is back in action baby. But....don't expect everything to be about code.
  • I started a YouTube Channel documenting my daily movement practice! Go Go Go.
  • Lots more writing on creativity, building things, training, video editing. Anything.

I'm just stoked to be creating again. Fun times ahead.

Jake Wiesler

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