On The Importance of Blogging as a Developer

I don't even know how it feels to "write". I did it in high school and college, although the outcome of those assignments were mostly bullshit anyway. As in, I bullshit 5 pages worth of 'Why Marketing is Crucial for Small Businesses'.

My journey up until this point has been different, but still common in the circle of self-taught developers. I'm finally in a role where I'm solving real problems for real people with code that I wrote.

I owe this to hundreds of unthanked bloggers along the way. Articles that got me through this problem and that. It's the brilliant thing about this industry. You may think that the problem you currently face is the problem that will end you. But I guarantee that someone out there has faced it before. And chances are they've written about it.

This is the intersection of programming and writing. Anyone can share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and knowledge about anything at any moment. Just open the laptop and write! Easier said then done, right?

Sometimes I feel that my words are not backed with the experience to teach anyone anything. This is just an excuse I fabricate in my head to keep me from putting in the work. From taking that deep dive. It's a crutch. And one I am aiming to lose.

So, if you read this and feel the way I feel, understand that although you may think you're behind the rest of the pack, you still have something to share with others who are racing to catch up with you.


Jake Wiesler

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