Laying out Current Goals

It's April 18th 2020, at 9:15am. I have my coffee next to me. I'm listening to some loony soundscape music on Spotify as part of a "concentration" playlist. It sounds like something Gabe from The Office would make.

"one instant expanded to be the size of the universe."

changes playlist...

Ok. Let's begin.

Goal One: 100 posts

I'd like to have 100 posts on Simple Machine by December 31st, 2020. That's a lofty goal but I think it's achievable. There are 2 weeks left in April, the 4th month of the year. That leaves 8 months to go. We'll say each month has 4.5 weeks in it. Doing some math and that leaves us with roughly 36 weeks. This is the 5th post, which means I need 95 more.

95 posts / 36 weeks = 2.6-ish posts per week.

The driving factor behind this goal is that I still don't really know what Simple Machine is yet. I know that I want to write, because it helps me think. It clarifies my thoughts. That in itself is enough to prompt this goal. But I believe there is something bigger for SM. I believe there is value here for others. Showing up each day to write will help me discover it.

Goal Two: Pass CSCS Exam

The National Strength & Conditioning Association provides a Strength and Conditioning Certification to those who can pass the exam. The goal is to sit for and pass the exam by end-of-year.

To prepare for the exam I am devouring Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning at a rate of 1-2 hours per day. It's refreshing material to study, as the last few years of my life have been focused on software development.

I'm also experimenting with two study techniques that I've never used before:

  • Cornell Notes Method
  • Spaced Repetition

I'll write a post about these techniques in the future.

Goal Three: Head-To-Toe

The first movement goal is the head-to-toe. I'm at the point in my mobility practice where I've realized that training for the sake of training is not fun and, because of that, is not going to be maintainable. With that being said, I've started to get more specific with my training by working towards movements and positions. This makes training sessions feel more like an RPG. Grinding for skills.

I've gone back and forth on what to train for over the last few months, but I've landed on the head-to-toe because I believe it be a foundational position that's pretty straightforward to chase. Also, hamstrings are a weakpoint of mine. Big weakpoint. I'm using Emmet Louis's head-to-toe program to get there.

Since I don't meet the prerequisites to begin training for it, I have to focus on the forward fold. The programming for the forward fold looks like this:

  • 3x90s Calf Stretch
  • 3x10 Single Leg Good Morning
  • 3x10 Jefferson Curl

And this is done every 3 days. Straightforward. I like it. So, the goal is head-to-toe, but for now it's out of my mind. What's on my mind is showing up every 3 days and progressing the forward fold. We'll check in down the road.

Goal Four: 30s Handstand

The final goal on the list is holding a handstand for 30 seconds. I was making great progress on my handstand in 2019 before a medical issue sidelined me. I picked things back up again in late March. Most gains were gone. It is what it is.

I'm starting from scratch. Wrist strength and mobility is priority. Gotta keep the wrists healthy and strong if I'm going to progress this.

The programming is simple. 2 days on / 1 day off. The training session usually takes about an hour. Of that hour, 40 minutes or so are dedicated to shoulder and wrist prep. The last 15-20 are chest-to-wall and back-to-wall handstands.

Progress is slow here. I hope to move away from the wall in few months.

And more

I have more things I want to accomplish right now, but I don't think they warrant their own section. The four listed above are my main focus and what get my attention before anything else. If I can hit on these, everything else is gravy.


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