This Site Is Now A Hugo Theme

Depending on when you are reading this post, the design of this site could be anything. Who knows how long this thing will be live? You might be reading this a thousand years from now.

At present moment the design is in its infant stage. A small blog built with hugo, a static-site generator written in Go. A few people have inquired about the design over the last few months. Enough to get me thinking about turning it into something more than what it is. A Hugo Theme, perhaps?

Yes, Hugo has themes. Some really good ones. Some terribly bad ones. Now mine lives among them. I'm calling it "Codex". Because, Da Vinci. You can find the code to the theme here. It too is in its infant stage and needs some TLC.

You can start using by entering this at your project root:

git submodule add themes/codex

And if you have any suggestions / want to contribute to make the theme better please do!

Jake Wiesler

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