Macro Patience, Micro Speed

Buzzwords? Maybe. I wouldn't be surprised, given how widespread Gary Vaynerchuk's message has become over the last few years. I used to consume GaryVee content by the gallon. It wasn't the entrepreneur lifestyle that was attractive. It wasn't the allure of building businesses that lead to riches aplenty.

I was drawn to his work ethic. Some would call it hustle. Confirmed buzzword. A younger me needed to see that such focus could be deployed in other environments outside of organized sports. So I read, I watched and I listened to the man drive the same message down my throat for weeks and months. Eventually I hopped off his train of content. I took what I needed. Left behind what I didn't.

The biggest takeaway was Macro Patience, Micro Speed. Gary uses this phrase in the context of business development. That is not my arena, but it's such a powerful idea that it trancends into everyday life.

I interpret this phrase as having the courage to pursue difficult things, the intelligence to construct a blueprint to aid you, the unrelenting tenacity to execute it every day, and the fortitude to endure the unattractive timeframe of it all.

Jake Wiesler

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