Training and COVID-19

In 2020 we're dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus is sweeping through every country on the planet and forcing us to self-isolate. In general, this sucks. But from a training perspective it doesn't. Here's why.

Being stuck inside with no gym means you have to get creative. It means you have to explore other training methodologies.

  • Bodyweight
  • Calisthenics
  • General mobility/flexibilty work

These are things that your average gym-goer probably doesn't allow much thought to. I spent over a decade in and out of gyms and never did. It wasn't until I moved away from my parents house a few years ago, where my lovely garage gym was at, that I had to make a decision about what I would do next.

Would I join a typical globo-style gym? Nah. Would I explore the world of crossfit? Looked cool, but $$$. Then I ran into bodyweight training. Which exposed glaring weaknesses in my mobility. Which led me to Functional Range Conditioning. Which exposed me to an incredible network of people on the internet sharing evidence-based techniques for improving range of motion.

This was all it took for me to go from someone who never paid attention to my own movement capacities to someone who is obsessed with their movement capacities. It changed my definition of what it means to be a healthy and athletic human being.

If your training relies on a large amount of equipment, and you don't have your own gym at home, you might be stuck. You might be experiencing confusion and uncertainty. Large upticks in consumption with little physical activity.

Adapt to the situation. Adjust your thought process.

If you want to make progress somewhere, start by looking at your ability to move. Everything is connected. Improving movement capacity in isolation will make you a better human when you get back in the gym.

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